The UAE Golden Visa: What You Need to Know

Understanding the Golden Visa can seem daunting – so we’ve made it simple. Read on for everything you need to know…


  • AED 2,000,000 paid capital into any free hold property or properties in Dubai
  • A mortgage statement and NOC from your bank should the property/properties be under mortgage
  • Proof of health insurance for you and anyone you wish to sponsor
  • Attested marriage certificate should you and your spouse co own the property

Key Points

  • Should you co-own a property with your spouse equating to AED 2M or above, both parties are eligible to use 100% of the property shares toward application.
  • Application fee of AED 4,000 to 5,000 is applicable dependent on number of sponsors with an estimated turnaround time of two to four weeks.
  • Applicant must be present to complete required medical.
  • No limit on the number of owned or co-owned properties in collaboration to reach AED 2M.
  • The property value is determined by the amount originally paid, noted on the title deed or in the DLD register from the time of purchase. Present day valuations are not considered.
  • Properties submitted for eligibility must be in the personal names of the applicants. Properties registered in a company name will not be considered, irrespective of sole company ownership.
  • Properties are locked for two years upon granting of the visa with owners unable to sell, transfer or gift if they wish to keep the visa active. Should you require to sell, transfer or gift during this time you will be required to cancel your golden visa and re-apply with the submission of comparable property investment.
  • Should the main holder of the UAE golden visa pass away during the term of the visa, their sponsors are permitted to retain their residency and its benefits for the remainder of the visa duration.

Key Benefits

  • Free to sponsor your children up to any age along with an unlimited number of domestic helpers.
  • No local sponsor required with the ability to open a business across all jurisdictions and thus personal and business bank accounts.
  • UAE golden visa holders can remain living, working and/or studying in the country for the entirety of their visa, with or without gaining local or other employment.
  • Applicants are free to spend prolonged periods of time outside the UAE.
  • Applicants can now apply for a six month visit visa to discover Dubai first hand before deciding to invest.
  • Attractive and reasonably priced health insurance packages are available with access to some of the world’s leading hospitals and services.
  • Visa is fully renewable for you and your sponsors at the end of the duration.
  • All applicants receive the esteemed Esaad card offering significant discounts across education, high end F&B, leading attractions and more.

Documents Required on the Day

  • Title deed (printed copy)
  • Passport and Emirates ID (original)
  • Proof of health insurance for applicant and any dependents (printed copy)
  • If you and your spouse co own property, marriage certificate is required to be attested in both the UAE embassy in the country of issuance as well as from the MOFA in Dubai. Also required to be translated to both English and Arabic (original)
  • Mortgage bank statement to show amount paid/outstanding value (printed copy)
  • NOC from bank (original)
  • Digital passport photo of yourself from a professional vendor, printed pictures not accepted


With the visa scheme in its infancy, minor additional terms and conditions may continue to evolve but the core of details disclosed to date is noted above. Please do reach out if you are considering investment or to understand exact requirements before applying.

Impact of the UAE Golden Visa

The UAE Golden Visa has had a significant impact on the country’s economy and its ability to attract high-net-worth individuals and skilled professionals. The program has helped to increase foreign investment in the UAE and has attracted entrepreneurs and startups to the country. It has also helped to boost the UAE’s position as a hub for innovation and technology.

The Impact of the Golden Visa
The Future of the UAE Golden Visa

Future of the UAE Golden Visa

The UAE government has recently expanded the Golden Visa program to include more professions and industries, such as athletes, scientists, and creative professionals. The government has also announced plans to offer a 5-year residency permit to retirees who meet certain criteria. These changes are expected to further enhance the UAE’s attractiveness to high net worth individuals and skilled professionals.


In conclusion, the UAE Golden Visa is a special type of residency visa that grants extended residency and work permits to investors, entrepreneurs, and highly skilled professionals. The program offers several benefits, including extended residency, work permits, access to education and healthcare, and freedom of movement. The UAE government’s commitment to expanding the program is expected to further enhance the country’s attractiveness to high net worth individuals and skilled professionals.

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